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Dead Sea: Bar Mitzva at Masada

Bar Mitzva at Masada


Dead Sea: Masada Mosaic

Massada Mosaic


Dead Sea: Masada Ruins II

BathhouseBath House photo, showing the chamber beneath the heated floor. Above the black line on the wall is the portion of the wall reconstructed by archeologists.

Roman Catapult Balls at Masada with David the GuideOur guide, David, showing us catapult balls the Romans hurled at the defenders at Masada.


Dead Sea: Masada Ruins

Massada Ruins


Dead Sea: Snake Trail Up Masada

Snake Trail Up MassadaMasada is an ancient fort built by Herod the Great on a mesa overlooking the Dead Sea. According to Josephus, the Siege of Masada by Roman troops in the First Jewish–Roman War ended in the mass suicide of the 960 rebels and their families hiding there.